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Wedding Reception Trends

Congratulations on getting engaged, now it’s time to start planning the wedding! We all know the celebrating doesn’t end at the ceremony, so we’ve gathered some unique wedding reception trends and ideas to help you plan your special day. Whether you’re after an intimate foodie celebration or a roaring party, here are the best wedding reception ideas to add to the moodboard!

our guide on the latest wedding reception ideas

1. Tabletop Greenery

Wedding reception trends tend to follow general styling trends – that’s why it’s no surprise that plenty of lush greenery is on-trend for wedding receptions! Following the explosion in popularity of indoor plants, greenery is back for tabletops this wedding season. Use it as a base for classic floral arrangements, or even on its own as a unique decorative option. Consider tall glass vessels with a single large leaf, like a Monstera, for a striking table decoration.

2. Intimate Reception Dinners

One of the best Brisbane wedding reception ideas is to cut down the guest numbers! For a really special event, consider an intimate reception in place of a standard jam-packed affair. A great reception idea is to book a private dining room, like e’cco bistro’s, and enjoy delicious food and wine with your closest friends and family. You’ll have more time to interact with your guests and cut down on costs while still enjoying a special celebration.

3. The After Party

For those who are looking to keep the party going into the night, a top wedding reception idea is to move guests to your favourite bar and kick on! Book a premium booth or area, and ask the bar to devise a special reception cocktail, using your favourite ingredients, for your wedding guests to enjoy. Choose a venue close to the reception, or arrange a bus to ensure guests arrive together.

4. Creative Place Cards

With so many options available with the help of technology like laser cutters and 3D printers, customised place cards are a creative wedding reception idea. A popular wedding reception trend is to have something made that reflects what you love, or represents your relationship. Another popular tabletop trend is to create place cards into a unique gift, like a small succulent or customised edible gift.

5. Interactive Bars

For a fun and different addition to your Brisbane wedding reception, consider interactive bar stations. Let guests sample and taste different wines, beers, or spirits, and choose their favourite! For a wedding reception idea that’ll really leave an impression, let guests guide a bartender to create their perfect cocktail with base spirits, sweetness, body, and garnishes.