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E’cco’s menu is an interpretation by Phillip Johnson himself. First and foremost, its all about the flavour whilst simultaneously employing high standards of culinary aesthetics. The presentation is none too intricate either. It’s simple, almost minimal – in order to provide the most appealing of visuals. The food itself is honest. And it couldn’t be […]

3 False Common Aussie Restaurant Stereotypes

Restaurants are basically an inseparable part of our lives. Even with technology racing forward and providing so many avenues for recreation for the young and restless, there’s nothing that beats going out for a meal with your friends or family. Over the years there have been so many ideas and concepts that have grown around […]

Private Dining in Brisbane: e’cco bistro

Important celebrations and special occasions need a personal touch, a cut above the ordinary: what could be better than reserving a private dining room at one of Brisbane’s best? There’s a formula to the perfect function, and e’cco bistro has it. Elegant but personal surroundings E’cco’s private dining space makes for contemporary surroundings featuring leather […]

Beginners Guide to Ordering Wine

Want to order your wine like a pro at the restaurant? Well, there cannot be a more interesting sight than seeing someone exploring all the choices in the list with confidence and then selecting one of the options without the slightest sign of hesitation or nervousness.

The inaugural Fairfax Young Chef Dinner

e’cco bistro is set to host the inaugural Fairfax Young Chef Dinner this July. The dinner will see six of the state’s most talented and promising young chefs (from top restaurants Stokehouse, Restaurant 2, Esquire, Ricky’s River Bar and Dining at Noosa, and the Gallery of Modern Art’s GOMA restaurant) showing off their talents. It is hoped that this […]

Philip Johnson at the Hawaii Food & Wine Festival

Its official – Philip Johnson will be making a guest appearance at this year’s Hawaii Food & Wine Festival. After opening the landmark e’cco bistro in 1995, and following six of his own cookbooks, Philip Johnson’s unpretentious, simple yet stunning food has made e’cco the success it is today. The festival will run from August 29th – […]

Private Dining in Brisbane

At e’cco bistro, we understand the need for perfection when selecting the perfect private dining room to host an event. Whether you need to impress potential partners at a corporate meeting or spoil friends and family for a personal celebration, e’cco has all the right elements for an unforgettable event. [metaslider id=”205″] Private Dining in […]