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Beginners Guide to Ordering Wine

Want to order your wine like a pro at the restaurant?

Well, there cannot be a more interesting sight than seeing someone exploring all the choices in the list with confidence and then selecting one of the options without the slightest sign of hesitation or nervousness.

If you too desire to master this skill, then here are some tips for you.

Tips for ordering wine

Seek server’s help in order to find out a suitable variety of wine for you. Since different varieties and styles of wines are available on market, it can be little confusing for you to make a choice. But, if you take sommelier’s help, you will be able to learn about various tastes and qualities. At the same time, he will introduce you to choices which are not included in the list. If you feel he is showing only expensive options to you, ask him in a light manner. There are many sommeliers who don’t get any commission for the wine they sell and simply depend on tips. A large number of them only want to see their customers happy.

“Once the sommelier gets an idea of what type of wine you would prefer, he will be able to recommend something similar to it”

So, there is no harm in taking their assistance in this matter.

order properlyDetermine in advance how much you are ready to spend. Yes, don’t hesitate in setting aside a budget for buying your wine also. This will not only help you stay within your limits, but also save your time when you seek server’s assistance. He will be able to show choices within your price range quickly. In case you think how this can be done if you are with your friends or someone special, then use this trick – show the sommelier standing right at back of you some options within your price range and tell him you are interested in these styles of wines. If you want to be more specific, then simply indicate the price instead of the wine. The server will be able to fulfil your requirements.

Finally, one of the ideal ways to find out a correct choice is to explain the kind of quality and taste you are looking for in your wine. For instance, if you enjoy bold fruity taste, mention that to your sommelier. Once the sommelier gets an idea of what type of wine you would prefer, he will be able to recommend something similar to it. However, if he still does not get this, he will surely understand the style of wine you are probably interested in.